Saturday, 16 November 2013


Can't believe Sachin has finally bid adieu to the game of it true....can't be....the cricket field will be empty without Sachin - hope he hadn't taken this 'retirement' decision, it was a bit premature - could have played on for some more time...if Murli could play on as well as Jaisuriaya - why not Sachin.....
Can't express myself - truly truly an emotional moment as a fan...I just don't know what I'm saying or writing its a bit too much to handle....can imagine what Sachin must be going through...
Sachin what a wonderful speech....straight from the heart and spoke his entire life out
Goosebumps, lump in the throat and obviously it's difficult to speak right now - Cheers Sachin....keep going and Indians love you with the core of their heart

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