Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shuddh Desi ins will be disappointed

Shuddh Desi Romance starts of with a promise to entertain....but somewhere down the line the director just forgets whats happening next in the movie....confusion prevails after every marriage is announced and every trip to the loo results in either the bride running away or the bridegroom....what is the message this movie is trying to give...marriage is a waste of in relationships are too good to night or week long stands are better...for God's sake, for collecting money these directors will show any stupidity, will stoop to any unimaginable sickness....Speaking of performances, the newcomer Vaani inspires but the rest disappoint.....What does Sushant think - he can start feeling and pawing every second girl he meets and that too with a sick grin nee grimace on his face.....Parineeti looks too bored with the situation she's in.....a pathetic film best missed - it preaches morals which are puerile sick and disgusting....those who are in a live in relationship will puke if they see this....sorry but this film didn't impress me one I leave to the judgement of those who have the courage to digest the movie by sitting through it......Cheers! 

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