Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Farewell - Jiah Khan ......a tribute

Jiah Khan (real name Nafisa Khan) - does this name ring a bell?
She made her debut opposite none other than Amitabh Bachhan - a man going strong since donkey's years, followed it up with a meaty role opposite Aamir Khan and then given a break by Sajid Khan in Houseful opposite Akshay Kumar.....
This kind of a dream debut should have ensured Jiah Khan a life full of glamorous successful roles and a kind of euphoria reserved for superstars.
However what happened was just the opposite, she just couldn't get the right roles, she wasn't promoted the way she should have.
Why? Was it because she was not media savvy, or she couldn't handle her PR in a proper manner? Was it because the industry didn't give her the kind of recognition she deserved? Or was it because she was going through a relationship crisis?
Whatever the reason her alleged suicide on the 3rd of June 2013 is a shocking step extremely hard to digest.



Truly it's a male dominated cruel world out there. While male stars keep hanging around till their teeth fall out 'literally' the girls are made to struggle and keep begging for roles till the time they are there. Why is this crappy behavior meted out to girls in the industry?
Consider Sunny Leone or even Nargis Fakhri...while Nargis has truly proved her talent in Rockstar in a dream debut opposite Ranbir Kapoor, yet she's struggling for big banner roles. Why?
Sunny Leone although a good actor still keeps getting snide and uncharitable remarks on and off, even from so called distinguished ppl like Nana and Anil Kapoor...
So who are all these self styled desperate people who are running vicious campaigns against struggling starlets? and why?
The film industry artistes should get together and form a pool of talent....from where they can be picked up with dignity and their worth is fully realized and made full use of.
Professionalism needs to come to the fore so that the dignity and honor of struggling upcoming artistes is constantly not downgraded by self styled villains, there are no cases of 'couch' casting and no starlet is hounded for all the 'wrong' reasons, whether male or female.
Go ahead and do it and save a lot of other lives from being lost or being thrown into oblivion......R.I.P. Jiah Khan!

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