Saturday, 20 April 2013

An act so filthy that shamed even God

RAPE .....this four letter word has today become more dreaded than a hydra snake or a poison filled scorpion....

Why is it that the person committing a rape on just about anybody doesn't think twice before going ahead with this heinous crime?



Why is it that in spite of strong laws in place, the perpetrators of this crime don't stop at even one single opportunity to go ahead with the rape?

Don't they see the punishment waiting for them at the other end of the spectrum when the crime is being committed?

Don't they have any iota of humanity left in them before indulging in such beastly behavior such as gang rape; inserting foreign objects into the private parts of a small defenseless five year old girl, who doesn't even know the meaning of the sick act being committed on her.

Is it that the sick mind of the perpetrator of such a dastardly act can only think of the filthy and sadistically hideous pleasure derived by their perverted mind?

Is it that particular moment available to these vile minds, the slightest opportunity available to them, which prompts them to commit the dastardly act of rape, throwing all caution to the wind?

Whatever the reason be, the beastly act committed on the hapless victim is enough to destroy her existence for life.

The very act of defiling a woman's body against her will, and an act so cruel and barbaric such as the act of rape with a small minor girl hardly five years old, is enough to start a revulsion towards the very existence of a male.

So awake all you people who commit all these barbaric acts; do not stoop to such lows in life that your very existence is put to question!

A silent prayer goes out to the Almighty to save the life of this innocent defenseless girl.......may she be pulled out of this horror; this terrible invasion on her body, her soul, her psyche, her very existence.....

Oh God, let her not suffer the terrible consequences of a paralyzed and sickly perverted mind who made her undergo this undeniable horror......

Please 'heal' such persons too who seek to indulge in such pursuits.....

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