Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Mother - what she meant for me

Mother's Day for me is very sacred as the amount of respect I have for my mother I don't think I have for anybody else. I still remember the times when I was a kid and if I wanted anything I just had to tell her or so it seemed and it would get done. When I had fever she would sit up late night with me and put cold cloth over my forehead to bring my fever down. Then she would cook my soup and other food as directed by the doctor and feed it to me as per the recommendations of the doctor. All in all the perfect mother,and the perfect soul. I could go on and on about her love for me and her devotion to the cause but I will only narrate instances which have left an inedible mark on my life.I remember once when I was a kid and fell ill with typhoid. I was confined to bed that time for a long stretch of time and used to get really tired lying on the bed. That time my mother helped me out a lot and would sit by my side, comforting me, helping me get over the fever, and generally cheer me up. At one point of time my fever had gone up to 105*F and that time there was real pandemonium in the house as the doctors' had almost given up on me. They felt that my fever would not come down and it would probably affect my vital systems. But God is great and with my mother's love and devotion, my fever not only came down to normal but no harm came to me either mentally or bodily. Such was her devotion and I don't think I would get to see the same in today's time. She also stood beside me as a rock in times of adversity and at the beginning of my career, I remember as soon as I passed out my law, I was thrust with the responsibility of managing my entire office. My brother had been elevated as a High Court judge by that time and the entire responsibility of the office came upon me. She calmed me down and helped me in overcoming the challenges which I was facing at that point of time in my career. I not only managed the office very well but created more new clients for the office through dint of sheer hard work and presence of mind. The support I got from my mother in those difficult times cannot be forgotten. During her older years I stood by her as a rock, and completely supported her in all her decisions. I tried my best to make life easy for her, and would forego my vacations so that she would not be left all alone in the house. She was indeed a very loving mother and continued to be so right till the end. She had complete faith and trust in me and would always look up to me for any form of advice in her later years. I only wish she was around with me right now to keep on guiding me and blessing me as always, but life has to go on and we cannot aspire for things to remain as they are all the time. My mother's blessings are still with me and I continue to do well in my career as well as personal life. May her soul rest in peace wherever she is, and may she continue to guide me through her omnipresence.

On this Mother's Day I dedicate my life to you and wish your soul remains in peace and all you cherished for me and the entire family stands fulfilled. Cheers 

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